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Oreimo V 12 (Spoilers)

I just can't finish Volume 12.

I used to like this series.

Remember when it looked like Kuroneko's dream seemed to be finding the perfect future for Kirino, Kyousuke and herself?

Remember when it looked like Kyousuke was being propelled out of mediocrity into the idealized version of himself Kirino remembered he was when she was a child by everyone's ever escalating personal crises?

Man I like that series!

I really wish I could have read the end of those stories, but I guess the author stopped working on those books.

To be fair I should have noticed Oreimo was going pear shaped when Kyousuke spontaneously contracted a case of the harems in book 10, but while the emergence of the Kyousu-kumi did annoy me I had faith that the author would show me a more interesting future.

That faith was apparently VERY unfounded.

I'm not too terribly squicked by incest. A basic understanding of genetics, and to some degree history, was all it took to get me past that hurdle. Shit, I even LIKED Koi Kaze, which was a wierd experience, but I don't think this and that are the same.

If I had to venture a guess I'd say that the Fushimi has a lot in common with Aida Yu. I imagine he originally wanted to do a pure siscon book, but every publisher he went to said, "thank you, no, that is way too niche." So he re-tooled his approach to downplay that aspect of the story so he could publish something similar to what he liked.

But after he sold 9 volumes of the stuff he was like, "FUCK YOU I DO WHAT I WANT!"

I feel compelled to write a fic to fix this, but I don't even know where to start, and I certainly don't know where to end it. I was kinda relying on Kuroneko to come up with some clever solution for the series finale.



August 2014

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