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Uemei Like Yume

16 July
Ask Me about my life, and thoughts when you have time to kill.
8-bit theater, admiral naismith, anime, aral vorkosigan, archery, astronomy, barrayar, bel thorne, beta colony, books, bothari, bronze, commander bel thorne, commodore koudelka, computers, cordelia naismith, costuming, cowboy bebop, dark elves, daydreaming, dendarii free mercenaries, dendarii free mercenary fleet, doctor who, ekaterin vorsoisson, elena bothari, elena bothari-jesek, elf girls, elves, emperor gregor vorbarra, ethan of athos, fanfic, fanfiction, fantasy, fantasy novels, friends, fruits basket, general piotr vorkosigan, graf station, guild wars, gundam, gundam seed, gundam seed destiny, gundam wing, high elves, history, imperial security, impsec, impsec covert ops, internet, ivan vorpatril, j.r.r. tolkien, jackson's whole, japanese culture, japanese literature, kareen koudelka, komarr, konstantine bothari, learning japanese, legend of zelda, lineage, lineage 2, literature, lois mcmaster bujold, lord mark vorkosigan, lord of the rings, magic, manga, mark pierre vorkosigan, martial arts, meditation, miles vorkosigan, miles vorkosigan adventures, miles vorkosigan novels, mocking anne rice, monty python, mythology, night elves, nintendo, outlaw star, papercraft, piano, reading, renaissance festivals, role play, rpg, sailor moon, samurai champloo, sci-fi, science fiction, sergeant bothari, sewing, silver, simon illyan, sleeping in, sleeping in late, sleeping late, south park, steel, swords, tenchi muyo, tenchi universe, that idiot ivan, that-idiot-ivan, the hobbit, vampire hunter d, vor, vorkosigan, vorkosigan house, vorkosigan novels, vorkosigan vashnoi, world of warcraft, wow, writing