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Aug. 5th, 2014



Hours are 3:45PM to 12:15AM
Lots of mandatory overtime till the end of September, but Thank god I'm FINALLY making money again.

Sep. 4th, 2013


Attack on Titan is Bullshit

Why would...

Ok, I am sorry, the wound is fresh and I'm mostly writing to vent, but we need to discus Attack on Titan.

Or more specifically why Attack on Titan is bullshit.

Ok so the first episode had me right away with the scouts riding through the forest and then launching themselves into the air, and then the opening, which we can both agree is great and has great music, and they immediately followed it up with that scene of the titan looking over the wall, and Armin monologuist.

But then it hits a snag, a 20 minute snag, because it shows you life before that moment, and I don't need to see life before that moment since I saw the character designs, and the village, and I get that it's a medieval European fantasy world, probably Teutonic. But that snag doesn't matter because the last 3 minute payoff is SPEC-FUCKI'N-TACULAR. Better than that the second episode, which is what I wanted to see since the first scene after the opening does an even better job of setting the tone of the invasion. It's like watching a tsunami, or a tornado. The titans are an unstoppable force of nature, and all you can do is watch and despair at how unfair it all is.

The third episode isn't special, but it's also necessary because it introduces a lot of characters, and between the last scene of that episode, and the first scene of the fourth episode we find out that the hero of this story is Rock Lee, only not in that shit fest Naruto, which is fucking wonderful. Even better than that the fourth episode makes the first episode lull more relevant, so I am thoroughly engaged in everything now.

Then the other shoe drops, and we FINALY see what we've all been waiting for, and the confrontation starts in earnest.

And I don't know what the fuck the author is thinking by the end of episode five. Six is no better except I think maybe Mikasa is going to be the main character, only it really fucks with the 'idealic' setting we get to see in the first episode, but no worries because then the end of seven happens, and then eight starts and...

Attack on Titan is bullshit.

Why would you show me steam grappling ninjitsu if the story isn't about steam grappling ninjitsu. It's like if Obi-Wan had shown Luke the light saber only to immediately be shot in the bar so that Luke will realize the power of the blaster pistol pendant his father gave him when he was a child.

Everything up until the last five minutes of episode five told me that this was going to be an adaptation of Jack the Giant killer, or the epic of Siegfried/Sigurd, or, wait was it Saint George who slew a dragon? Ya know what it doesn't matter I would have put up with a beanstalk for this anime, but now it's all going to be about how Erin, and I presume any one else his father experimented on, turns into super saiyans and fights other saiyans.

The first five episodes told me this anime was about brave humans fighting monters, and instead I find out it's about super humans fighting super humans while Krillin and everyone else I WOULD care about stands off to the side clenching their fists and watching.

That's unfair. I should have really made a Naruto reference, maybe Bleach, right there, I'm sorry DBZ you're still OK in my book.

But yeah that's the thing, even if you had to kill Eren, and I don't think that was necessary except to further the super human thing, you could have had an anime about Armin coming up with plans, and Mikasa implementing them, and it would have been much more satisfying.

Maybe the only thing more satisfying than that would have been if Eren and the rest of the 104th just straight up did that to begin with.

*mumbling to myself as I walk away*
Shit man, fighting monsters, how hard is it to make that interesting. Fucking, and this in the year of Pacific Rim. What the fuck? That is bullshit!

Jul. 8th, 2013


Oreimo V 12 (Spoilers)

I just can't finish Volume 12.

I used to like this series.

Remember when it looked like Kuroneko's dream seemed to be finding the perfect future for Kirino, Kyousuke and herself?

Remember when it looked like Kyousuke was being propelled out of mediocrity into the idealized version of himself Kirino remembered he was when she was a child by everyone's ever escalating personal crises?

Man I like that series!

I really wish I could have read the end of those stories, but I guess the author stopped working on those books.

SpoilersCollapse )

I feel compelled to write a fic to fix this, but I don't even know where to start, and I certainly don't know where to end it. I was kinda relying on Kuroneko to come up with some clever solution for the series finale.

Mar. 22nd, 2013



No matter how much Square Enix told me, 'no really Lightning is a deep she's a strong but tragic character, and you really should like/care/be attracted to her,' nothing they ever did made me give anything approaching a single damn about her.

Until NOW.

This picture of Lightning in a ridiculous shirt makes her more human to me than any HD graphics. I want to write stories about her in this stupid shirt.

This fashion disaster makes me imagine that as bad ass/beautiful as she tries to dress for work, she ultimately looks silly during her off hours. I want a story about how the first time Lightning met Snow she was in her 'uniform' but the following weekend when he came to the house to pick up Serah he made this face: (o.0) and his girlfriend had to explain that her sister REALLY was THAT clueless.

Thank you Square Enix, your relentless commercialism has accidentally made a Fabula Nova Crystallis character more human than any of your games ever did.

Aug. 5th, 2012



I wanted one 3-3.5 hour long Hobbit movie, and would have happily sat through four hours with a 10 minute intermission.

Instead Peter Jackson, after watching a test screaming, announced that he wanted to to expand the Hobbit into three movies focusing more on Dol Guldur, the necromancer, and Gandalf. You might recognize all of that as the stuff that was only mentioned in passing in the Hobbit, and mostly just occupied indexes.

Look I fucking LOVE Tolkien, and would KILL for a Children of Hurin, Breren & Luthien, or Tuor movie, but Jackson is FAST making his Hobbit TRILOGY inferior to the 1977 movie, and that's not an easy task.

God damn it, I just want a single movie about 13 dwarves, and a hobbit setting off on an adventure, and this- WHERE WAS THE BATTLE FOR THE SHIRE JACKSON? HUH MR. THREE MOVIES OUT OF A BOOK THAT WAS SMALLER THAN THE TWO TOWERS? WHERE'S THAT?

God it's going to cost 48 dollars just to watch these movies.


Jul. 31st, 2012


Anoying as a Rock in Your Shoe

Have you ever seen a trailer with a CRAZY hot character using one of your FAVORITE voice actresses, only to discover that the story, and indeed the game play itself isn't anything you'd REMOTELY appreciate?

I imagine this is like going to bed with a 10, and waking up still beside a 10, only she opens her mouth and you find out that she's dumb as a polystyrene gas tank.

Jul. 9th, 2012



Apparently there's finally going to be a re-release!

YAY, now I can get it legally!

Jun. 6th, 2012


GW2 Beta

The first beta weekend I couldn't play because of a wedding.
Last month there wasn't a beta event.
This weekend it looks like I'll be out of town for a funeral.


Update: I apparently missed yet ANOTHER beta because of a wedding

Mar. 25th, 2012



It's kind of fitting that Final Fantsy XIII-2 is something of a paradox.

In addition to contradicting lore established in XIII XIII-2 ostensibly starts in a parallel world/reality which apparently breaks just before XIII's final cut scene, which by itself is already annoying. Additionally both games suffer from the same narrative problem, that is of course that there is an obvious, and easier solution to the end game than a boss battle. In spite of this and the downer endings I can easily say I like it more than the whole ME3 shit storm, and actually wouldn't mind ending DLC for this XIII-2. I almost think that an in game solution, or expansion is necessary now that Caius has achieved what Ultimecia couldn't, since a sequel would kind of have to start at the end of XIII-2, and that's technically impossible now.

It's hard not comparing the game to Chrono Trigger, which is hands down better, but given how lack luster XIII was in the game play department XIII-2 is way better than it has a right to be. This does highlight a disturbing trend in the video game industry though. Over the past five to seven years I've been seeing a lot of sequels and series that seem like they would have been better had the multiple games simply been one. Don't let me miss lead you, XIII-2 is still terribly linear, but simply having the ability to go back at any time really got rid of the sense of that XIII was just one long hall way punctuated by cut scenes.

I feel drained in a good way.

Feb. 28th, 2012


British Pronunciations... THAT DRIVE ME MAD

The letters H and Z

but most importantly



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